Jasper – Kiwi


Jasper – Kiwi 

Also known as Sesame Jasper – a relatively recent find in the crystal world, from New Zealand, beautiful sea green colour with black and opaque spotting.

Corresponds to the Heart Chakra – Emotions

use with meditation or within your home – add to your collection – ideal gift

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Jasper – Kiwi Jasper

A relatively recent discovery from New Zealand – sometimes known as Sesame Jasper – Kiwi Jasper is identified by its sea green colour with black and clear spotting.

Tumble Stone Crystals  have been ‘tumbled’ and polished to make them smooth for easy handling.   Nice to carry with you in a pocket or bag or display your collection in a bowl or box within your home.  Sizes vary and to help you with the size we’ve used a 50p coin to give you scale of size.

Each Crystal Tumble stone is unique – no two are alike due to the nature of the item, your piece will be of similar size and colour as you see in the photographs (it would be an impossible task to list each individual crystals available).    All Crystals are hand selected by Liz to ensure you receive the quality we pride ourselves on providing to our customers.

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Enjoy your Crystal.

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