A daily ask is:
Do you have an online shop?
And here you are!

Why doesn’t this site contain an ‘about us’ page? Because our Facebook Page is updated daily and is full of recent information. If you have a desire to see the stall, review changing stock, see new lines or meet visiting Customers ~ click on the orange link.

My comment to a new online customer is: LizianShop has traded in Nottingham for sixteen years. We are proud of its reputation for carrying a vast range of crystals, minerals, incense and fragrances. The stall has become a popular meeting place for like-minded people and many of our valued customers have shopped with us since the shutters first opened in 2005.

The webshop is an extension of our business and I have used the knowledge of customer buying choices to list popular selling items. I feel it is essential to offer products with a simple combined postage format: Of course, customers will comment there could be lower postage for combined orders. Our answer is the postal prices are already subsidised and most customers buy one item. Keeping the process simple, keeps the prices affordable.

If you are in Nottingham visit the stall. We are open from 09:30 to 17:00 – Monday to Saturday.

Thank You for Visiting

Liz Clark
Ian Timothy

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