We have traded in Nottingham for sixteen plus years. Our experience is bound to the success of our small stall in The Victoria Market. Visitors will discover thousands of crystal choices and incense and fragrance options.

LizianShop now uses Etsy for all online sales. The move from a self-built web shop to an internationally accepted platform is better for our business and our customers.

The Etsy sales platform is established and safe. It also means customers can take advantage of different payment gateways and easily buy the products available. Inventory updates on multiple items are automatic. Therefore customers will not be disappointed when purchasing various items.

This is a significant change for LizianShop and one we think is worthwhile. Initially, you’ll only find a few items on the Etsy page, but keep on coming back, like and share the Etsy page, and discover the inventory will quickly grow. The intention is to list around 1500 items.

Go to Etsy ~ Click on the Image

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Go to Etsy ~ Click on the Image

Liz also writes a weekly weblog about crystals and their uses. And of course, you can watch and connect with her on Facebook LizianShop Live which goes out on Thursday evenings at 19:00hrs. If you wish to see her on catchup, go to the page and watch by following the VIDEOS link.

Of course, you can shop in person at the famous LizianShop in Nottingham. You can meet Liz and Ian (Lizian!) and talk about crystals and all things esoteric:

111 Victoria Market